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Excel VBA – How to set a Range variable with a function

written by Zack

So I found myself writing some VBA code in Excel which used some Range variable types, but they were based on finding data in a range, in this case column headers. I didn’t know where the columns might be, but I knew the value the cells would hold. The problem was I didn’t always know […]

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Office 2007/2010 – Getting around the #$%^@! Ribbon

written by "Smitty"

If you’ve upgraded to Office 2007 or 2010 from an earlier version you were undoubtedly as shocked as anyone else when you first opened up your “new” Office applications (and they truly are new aren’t they?) You guessed it, I’m talking about the new “Ribbon” User Interface….. I’m not going to teach you about the Ribbon here, because that could easily be a course in and of itself, but I am going to give you a bunch of resources that will help you adjust to it more quickly.

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Excel VBA – Simple steps to speed it up!

written by Zack

When running VBA in Excel which comes from the macro recorder, often times it is clunky, inefficient and downright messy.  Not only is this because the macro recorder is quite literal in its interpretations of your actions, but it also does not do anything to change the state in which the application is set when […]

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Excel – Dependent Data Validation

written by Zack

Data validation is an extremely powerful ally when using Excel.  You can use it to confine a cell’s data entry to the specifics you want.  One of the most used features is when you allow a List.  This will give you an in-cell drop down box of values.  This acts much like the Pick From […]

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