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written by "Smitty"

So yesterday I was up at my neighbor’s house helping him hook up the washer/dryer in the new laundry room I built for him (and ran the copper water lines). As we were talking while the washer was filling up for the very first time, we heard my lawnmower start. I quickly realized that in […]

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Now that’s just plain creepy…

written by "Smitty"

Yesterday my wife and daughter were out shopping and had a very creepy experience.  While she was trying on a pair of shoes, Cyndi noticed some scruffy old guy watching her feet.  She got up and moved with one test shoe and one of her own on, leaving the other two odd shoes there.  When […]

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A Fun Day at the Beach

written by "Smitty"

So I got to play hookey and go to the beach yesterday with the family.  Good for me because it meant I got to fire up the Triumph for the first time in months for a ride (we had a lot of rain this year – uncharactistically, even into April).  On the way home, just […]

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