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Campbellisms – Comments from a 4-Year Old

written by "Smitty"

Cyndi and I have been blessed with a terriffic little girl, who we named Campbell.  I’m sure that she’s just as amazing to us as most children are to their parents, but since I have a forum in which to write, I figured that I’d post some of the comments that she makes.  Most of […]

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Ever respond to a SpamScam?

written by "Smitty"

I was in a few recent discussions about how to deal with telemarketers (naturally I was amused having worked for a company that has telecenters), and stumbled upon a common theme: waste their time!  You know all those spam scams you get in your e-mail, like the famous Nigerian prince who wants to give you the […]

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Funny Comments – A Collection

written by "Smitty"

Every once in a while you stumble across some real gems on message boards/forums and I figured I’d start a collection of some of the ones I’ve run across (note that I’m adding to this as they come in, from top to bottom…) From Mr. Excel user Hermanito: Real programmers don’t comment their code. If […]

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One helluva an April Fool’s Day

written by "Smitty"

So I show up at my store early as usual, take my gear off (I ride a motorcyle to work) and start my day. My sales reps trickle in and one says “Smitty, where’s the TV?” (a nice 42″ flatscreen we use to run loops of company stuff for customers). I look, and sure as […]

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