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Excel: Automatically consolidate data from multiple worksheets?

written by "Smitty"

We had a question at #ExcelHelp this week from somone who wanted to consolidate data from multiple worksheets to a master sheet. My first thougt was use Excel’s native PivotTable functionality for multiple consolidations ranges (easier than it sounds, just follow the Wizard), but this case just needed to move an inconsistent range of worksheets […]

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Excel VBA Training & Certification

written by "Smitty"

If you’ve followed any of our posts, then you’ll see that we’re huge proponents of using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) as a means of automating everyday tasks in the Office environment. One of the most frequent forum comments/requests that we see is for how to learn VBA. Most of the advice that you’ll get […]

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VB HTML Maker Update

written by Zack

When I first starting really getting into VBA, it was pretty invaluable to me to be able to read over my code. And over and over and over my code again. And again. As well as others code. This really helped me learn the syntax and flow. An add-in which was great, which I can’t […]

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Create a Table of Contents in Excel

written by Zack

There has always been a need for a good Table of Contents in Excel. While Word features this natively with its built-in Styles, unfortunately, Excel lacks this functionality due to a host of reasons, which are quite valid. However, we can create a workaround by incorporating some VBA. The following code is an updated version […]

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